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Our activity - Alpine Retail Renault Group

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Renault, RENAULT RETAIL GROUP is the European leader in the sale of vehicles and associated services and after-sales service.

Within the 13 countries in Europe where we operate, RENAULT RETAIL GROUP's stated mission is the direct, and profitable, distribution of the products and services manufactured and provided by the Alliance (Renault, Dacia and Nissan).

Our product offer covers new and used vehicles and spare parts and also includes the following services: servicing, mechanics, bodywork, fast-fit services (Renault Minute and Renault Minute bodywork), short-term rentals (Renault Rent), financing and brokering.

Since 2017, RENAULT RETAIL GROUP has been embarking on a new adventure: being part of the revival of France's favourite sports car, the Alpine.

Our activity - Alpine Retail Renault Group

The Alpine A110 will be distributed by RENAULT RETAIL GROUP in nine countries across Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain). The international reputation of our Alpine centres means that we can design Premium services for our passionate Alpine enthusiasts.

RENAULT RETAIL GROUP's priority is to maintain quality relationships and provide services that meet the expectations and requirements of our RENAULT RETAIL GROUP Alpinists. Each service has been meticulously developed to cater to the specific needs of Alpine enthusiasts.

RENAULT RETAIL GROUP is thus able to present a range of premium offers reserved for purchasers of the Alpine A110, such as: home delivery, servicing by experts, Alpine workshops, car carrying, financing solutions, custom maintenance packages, participation at exclusive events, etc.

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Renault develops its own distribution entities alongside the network of private concessionaires.


In 1997, the France Branch Division becomes a single subsidiary: Renault France Automobiles (RFA), and in 2001 its European counterpart, Renault Europe Automobiles (REA), is created. These two entities are combined in 2008 to create Retail Renault Group.


Retail Renault Group has become the first distributor of Alpine, the A110 and Alpine Centres across the UK and Europe are opening their doors. RRG is now the leader in sales of Renault, Dacia, Nissan and Alpine vehicles.